Can You Make Reservation at Cicis?

5 minute read | Published: April 01, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Lines at Cicis counter

My son wanted to celebrate his 11th birthday along with a bunch of his classmates at Cicis. We arrived around 6PM and found ourselves in a long line waiting for our turn to get to the buffet. It was a busy hour at Cicis and we had to wait for about 20 minutes.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Here are some tips to avoid the lines:

Does Cicis Accept Reservations?

As of the moment, Cicis does not accept reservations for individuals or for a group less than five. I would suggest, however, to call them before heading there to make sure the store is not in full capacity and can still accommodate your party. You may locate the contact numbers of Cicis restaurants here.

When’s the Best Time to Go to Cicis?

Anytime is the best time to go to Cicis! If you want to get the best experience, though, these tips might help.

  • Opening hours in the morning spares you from the hassle of a crowd, giving you the first access to the fresh servings and newly cooked pizzas with more privacy and comfort.
  • Afternoons and evenings are good options to end the day with a hearty chat with friends and family over a good tasting pizza, yummy chicken wings, and satisfying drinks.
  • Weekends are fine too but you may want to skip hours after religious services as people could easily fill-in Cici’s outlets.

Cicis Pizza Catering

Cicis offer some catering packages which may differ for each location. Here are some examples just to give you an idea:

Birthday Parties

Cicis has birthday party packages ready for a hassle-free birthday planning. Check out the packages below to compare which package is right for you.

Silver Package

Silver package has unlimited buffet with all the selections of pizzas, pasta, salads, and sides. This package also comes with unlimited soft drinks. Kids get 50 gaming credits each while the birthday celebrant have 75 gaming credits and 500 tickets to claim prizes. This package also includes a party host, and the area is reserved for 90 minutes. All these for only $11.99 per child, with a minimum of 8 children required to reserve.

Gold Package

Same with the silver package, this package includes unlimited buffet with different kinds of Cici’s pizzas, pastas, salads, sides and more and this comes with unlimited drinks. Each child has 100 gaming credits, the birthday celebrant has 125 gaming credits and 750 ticket prizes to claim. This also comes with a party host and the area is exclusive for 90 minutes. This package is for $16.99 with 8 children minimum required to reserve.

Diamond Package

Like all the other two packages, unlimited buffet with the usual Cici’s selections with unlimited drinks included. 150 gaming credits are given to each kid and 175 for the birthday celebrant with 1000 tickets to claim for prizes. It also has a party host included. The area is reserved for 90 minutes. With a minimum of 8 children required to reserve, this package costs $21.99 per child.

Some locations call their packages differently. Super Party Package, which is equivalent to the Silver Package, Mega Party Package as the counterpart for the Gold Package and Legendary Party Package for the Diamond Package.

The official Cicis website gives easy access to party packages for these locations:

Broken Arrow, OK

Plano, TX – Coit Rd

Tulsa, OK – Garnett Rd

Lakewood, CO

Springfield, MO

Tulsa, OK – Peoria

Baton Rouge, LA

Metairie, LA

Aurora, CO

Slidell, LA

If you don’t see your specific location, you may submit an inquiry form here and a sales rep from Cicis will get back to you with information and quote. Please note that reservations are not guaranteed until you speak to a Cicis manager at your selected location. Availability might vary but if you don’t hear back within 48 hours, contact your local Cicis via phone or better yet, visit the outlet to be sure.

Cicis birthday party

Group Gatherings

Cicis has something for everyone, whether its school pizza party, organizing a corporate event, or simply gathering with friends. Their package options, such as Value Packs, offer solutions for on-the-go meals so you can have a party to your desired location outside Cicis.


Classic Value Pack has a choice between two options are a 2 giant 1-topping pizza paired with 20 pieces cinnamon rolls or 16 pieces garlic cheesy bread. This value pack can serve 6-8 guests.


Choosing between pizza or pizza poppers can be hard so this pack might be good for you. The two options for this pack is 2 giant 1-topping pizza paired with either 12 pieces pepperoni poppers, 12 pieces jalapeno poppers or 12 pieces buffalo chicken poppers. This is designed to feed 6-8 guests.


This package offers 2 giants 1-topping pizza with either 10 pieces bone-in or 10 pieces boneless wings. This packages also serves 6-8 guests.


This package includes cheesy pizza, spicy chicken wings, and chocolate brownies. The two options are 2 large 2-topping pizza paired with either 6 pieces bone-in wings and 6 pieces brownies or 6 pieces boneless wings and 6 pieces brownies. This can serve a group of 2-6 people.


Lastly, Pack 5 has two options are 2 large 2-topping pizzas with 12 pieces bone-in wings and 12 pieces brownies or 12 boneless wings with 12 brownies. This can serve a group of 2-6 people.

Cicis pizza often offer military discounts to honor the service of military members and their families. 

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