How Much is Cicis Buffet For Adults?

5 minute read | Published: April 1, 2024 | Updated: May 27, 2024

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I was visiting a friend in Jacksonville last weekend and we were both craving for pizza. We saw a reopened Cici’s and went for it – it was a feast! Aside from the all-you-can-eat pizza, we also enjoyed their pasta, salad, desserts, and side dishes. The Cici’s at Jacksonville only costs $8.99 for adults and $5.99 for kids.

Actually, Cici’s is the rebranded Cici’s Pizza. Just like before, you can enjoy their all-you-can-eat pizza at an affordable price. Depending on the location, you can also choose from the 15-20 different pizzas from its buffet.

Cicis at Jacksonville

I could say that my favorites at Cici’s are Macaroni and Cheese pizza with creamy macaroni and cheese nestled atop the classic crust and lovingly brushed with garlic butter and generously sprinkled with an extra layer of cheese.

If you’re curious to know how much is Cicis buffet for adults nowadays, I’ll discuss it shortly.

Cicis Buffet Adult Price

Cici’s adult prices may vary depending on the location of the restaurant. As of this writing, Cici’s has reopened in 22 states with over 300 locations to serve you better.


In Alabama, all 13 locations have an Adult Buffet pricing of $8.99, except for Foley’s which is priced at $9.99.


Arkansas has 6 locations. Fayetteville has an adult buffet pricing of $8.49 while the rest offers an Adult buffet pricing of $8.99.


There are 2 locations of Cici’s in Colorado as of the moment and both have different pricing. Cici’s in Aurora, Colorado costs $9.59, while in Lakewood, it is set at $9.99.


Next to Texas, Florida has the largest chain of Cici’s buffet outlets with 24 branches. Cici’s in Cape Coral, Clearwater, Davenports and Naples costs $9.99. Deerfield Beach is the cheapest Cici’s in Florida which only cost $8.49. Irlo and Orlando’s price is $10.99 while the remaining locations around Florida costs $8.99.


All 11 locations of Cici’s in Georgia costs $8.99 except for Augusta which is $9.49 and the cheapest among all Cici’s locations can be found in Roswell which is just $7.99.


Currently, Cici’s in Illinois costs $8.99 as well as in Indiana and Kansas.

cicis cheap pizza buffet


Cicis restaurants in Kentucky have different pricing. Bowling Green costs $8.79 while Florence at $10.99.


In Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Metairie and Slidell costs $8.49 and Lafayette, Lake Charles and the two locations in Shreveport have an adult price of $8.99.


The two locations in Maryland, Frederick and Hagerstown is a little over the average price of $9.99.


Cici’s in Mississippi Flowood is at $8.99 and Southaven at $8.79.


All outlets in Missouri costs $8.99, except for Farmington which is $8.49.

New Mexico

The only Cici’s outlet in New Mexico is in Albuquerque which costs $9.49.

North Carolina

You can find 10 Cici’s locations in North Carolina which all has an adult pricing of $8.99, except for Greensboro at $8.49.


In Ohio, both Cincinnati and Fairfield Cici’s are at $10.99.


Oklahoma branches are at $8.99.


The only Cici’s in Pennsylvania is in Lancaster which is priced at $9.99.

South Carolina

South Carolina Cici’s costs a little below the average pricing which is $8.49.


Tennessee’s pricing is from $8.49 to $10.99


Texas has the largest number of Cici’s locations with 133 restaurants. Adult buffet is priced from $8.49 to $10.99.


Here you can find Cicis Pizza in 7 locations – Colonial Heights, Henrico, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Richmond, Roanoke, and Winchester. Pizza buffet price for adults is $8.49 in Harrisonburg and Winchester, Lynchburg and Roanoke $9.99, and $8.99 for the rest.

Custom Pizzas at Cici’s

Don’t like what you see in the pizza buffet? You may ask a staff and specify what you want and they will make it for you in under 10 minutes.

Cicis Promotions to Save on the Adult Buffet Price

In January, Cici’s brought back its $4.99 Adult Buffet Every Monday and Tuesday however this promotion ended last February. Be sure to check the deals on their website regularly as they may introduce a fantastic promotion every now and then.

Pizza flatbread cicis

Cici’s also regular offers coupons and exciting deals. Here are some of the recent ones although these promos have already expired:

Earn Free Pizza or Buffet with the CiCi’s App

Be sure to grab the My CiCi’s app, available on both iOS and Android! With every 5 visits where you spend $7 or more, you’ll score yourself a free adult buffet or a free 1-topping pizza to go.

All 3 New Deep Dish Pizzas Only at $5

Only select locations are participating. There might be some limitations, so it’s best to check the website for all the ins and outs.

Free Buffet When You Buy Adult Buffet & Regular Size Drink with Sign Up

When you join CiCi’s email list, you can get a coupon straight from CiCi’s.

Other ways to get coupons are from Groupon, magazines and through the web.

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