Cicis Pizza Prices Between Lunch/Dinner?

5 minute read | Published: April 01, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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My mom visited me last Thursday at work shortly before lunch time so I thought why not have lunch together. We didn’t want to waste too much time circling around looking for a place to eat so we went to Cicis which is just a 2-minute walk from my office.

It was a weekday so there were some college students in different tables, each minding their own happy company. We lined up at the counter to pay for the buffet and shortly after, found ourselves in the buffet area. A good laugh and some meaningful conversations later, it was time for me to go back to work and bid my mom goodbye.

The next day, my coworkers wanted to grab some pizza to close the week since it was Friday and all work is done for the week. It got me curious if Cicis have the same pricing for lunch and dinner service.

Cicis Pizza Prices for Lunch

Cicis charge the same price whether it’s lunch, dinner or any time in between which is great so you don’t have to get confused as to how much it will cost. The price for adults range from $8.50 to $11, while kids are charged around $5 to $7 for buffet and drinks.

It’s always a good idea, however to go soon after its opening hours to get first access to all the yummy food Cicis pizza has to offer. On slow days, sometimes we arrive at Cicis later in the day and find the lettuce for the salad wilted because nobody has touched it for quite some time already. But these things are not a common sight at my local Cicis.

Lines at Cicis counter

Cicis Pizza Prices for Dinner 

Dinner prices are no different from lunch prices. Cicis, however may have different pricing structure depending on the location you go to. But the average price would be $9-10 for an adult buffet without drinks and around $5-6 for kids. Drinks are over $2  for large fountain drinks and as low as $1.79 for regular fountain drinks. They also have 2-liter soda drinks like Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite for large groups in a few locations. Bottled water is also available.

Depending on the location, Cicis offers deals from time to time. For example, Myrtle Beach has an ongoing “Cicis Beyond Pizza” promotion where kids only pay $5.99 for the buffet with drinks included.

Some promotions can be found from various websites and I like to take advantage and take note before going to my local Cicis.

Some coupons can be found on magazines and newspapers so I make sure to grab them and use them before they expire. There are also coupons and discounts all over the internet like “2 for 1”, buy one adult buffet, get one for free, there’s also special offers for a reduced price, a few dollars savings on your entire order, seniors discounts, military discounts, party packages for a reduced price, family treats options if you’re brining your entire family and more. You can also be sure to find special deals on holidays like Independence day, Christmas, New Year, and so on.

Take note that all these promotions come with their own terms and conditions, with applicable dates for each of them so it’s best to read and check them, or maybe call your local Cicis, just to be sure you don’t end up disappointed.

Cicis typically operates from 11:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening but this doesn’t mean that when you get there at dinner time, all you are left with are the not so popular food options. One thing Cicis is known for are their fresh from the oven pizzas. They make all the doughs in house so you can be sure that what you will be served with is always a new batch.

They also replenish the buffet table per item as soon as it runs out so you don’t have to wait long. If the other person before you got the last piece, and you don’t see anybody coming in with a replacement because maybe the attendant haven’t noticed yet, simply call the attendant’s attention and ask kindly. I have been in this situation and have not have any problem.

Cicis Pizza Lunch vs. Dinner

If you’re looking for a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere to dine and catch up with friends over a meal, it’s advisable to skip Cicis during lunch hours especially if the Cicis location is near a school or a commercial area.

The crowd at Cicis will most often depend on the location. If it’s in a business district then most likely you’ll find working age individuals dining in. If it’s near an amusement park like Disney World, expect to have people from all backgrounds and ages there as well.

Cicis in Texas

In a Nutshell

Cicis lunch and dinner rates are the same. But the best time to go to Cicis depends on what you are after. If you don’t mind the crowd, anytime is the best time to go there really. If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s probably best to go to Cicis as soon as they open their doors (11:00AM for most locations) or just before the dinner crowd comes in (usually around 5PM).

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