Cicis Pizza Buffet Prices: All-You-Can-Eat & Specials

5 minute read | Published: April 1, 2024 | Updated: June 14, 2024

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Thinking of going to Cicis and want to know how much their buffet costs nowadays? The Cicis Pizza Buffet is always a popular choice for families and groups, as well as for those who want to eat as much as they want without paying an arm and a leg for their meal.

That’s because Cicis Pizza buffet prices are very affordable. The prices may not be the same across the board but one thing’s for sure, the prices are budget-friendly especially for groups with young kids.

Let me share some of the main factors that affect the prices of Cicis Pizza buffet.


All You Can Eat

Pizza – Pasta – Salad – Dessert

Adults Buffet (per person)$8.99
Kid’s Combo Buffet (Includes kid’s drink, kids 4-10 years only)$5.99
Kid’s Combo Buffet (Includes kid’s drink, kids 3 and under)$0.99

Wings (Traditional & Boneless Wings)

Hot Buffalo – Mild Buffalo – Garlic Parmesan – Honey BBQ – Lemon Pepper – Naked

5 Wings (250-600cal)$7.99
10 Wings (490-1320cal)$13.99
20 Wings (990-2640cal)$26.99

Factors That Affect the Buffet Prices at Cicis

Age-Based Pricing

Cicis often implements different pricing tiers based on age. This is because adults consume more food than children, so it’s fair to charge them differently. Adults are charged a higher rate, reflecting their higher consumption, while kids’ rates are lower to accommodate their smaller appetites.


Just like with many businesses, location plays a role in determining buffet rates for Cicis. In areas where the cost of living is higher, such as big cities or tourist destinations, Cicis may adjust their prices slightly to cover higher operating costs like rent, utilities, and wages. Conversely, in less expensive areas, buffet rates may be lower to remain competitive.

Ongoing Promotions

Cicis frequently runs promotions and special deals at select locations. These promotions can include discounts on buffet rates or combo deals that include drinks or desserts. These temporary offers can affect their buffet rates, providing customers with opportunities to enjoy Cicis at a lower cost than usual.

Special Discount Programs

Cicis offers special discount programs for various groups, including military personnel, seniors, and students. These programs can give you a reduced buffet rate or exclusive deals if you’re eligible, such as a percentage off the total bill or discounted pricing.

veterans eat for free cicis

How Much is Cicis Pizza Buffet?

The best way to find out the latest Cicis Pizza buffet prices in the specific restaurant you want to visit is to check the brand’s official website here. On this page, you’ll see a list of states, choose yours and then your city. If the city has more than one Cicis, click the address of your preferred local restaurant. You’ll then be led to a page that has the buffet price rates of that specific Cicis restaurant. This page will also have the contact information of the restaurant so you can call them directly in order to check if they have any on-going promotions or if you may be eligible for certain discounts.

Do Kids Eat for Free at Cicis?

Cicis offer discounted rates for children 4 to 11 years old, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $7.99 and this already includes buffet and a kids’ drink. If your child is 3 or younger, most Cicis restaurants only charge $0.99 to $1.50 for each kid to be able to eat at the buffet and get a free drink. Some locations also have promos like a free game card for every child dining at their restaurant.

How Much is the Cicis Pizza Buffet Price for Seniors?

The seniors rate is also dependent on the Cicis restaurant you visit. Many Cicis restaurants are independent franchises and may have their own discount programs for seniors, students and military personnel. Some of the Cicis restaurants I’ve been to offer a Seniors rate of $6.99 to $7.99. I strongly suggest you call your local Cicis to inquire about this.

seniors at Cicis

Does Cicis Have a Special Weekday and Weekend Rate?

Cicis buffet prices are the same throughout the week. Some locations may have promotions that will give you a special discounted price on specific days of the week.

What are Cicis Lunch and Dinner Prices?

The lunch and dinner prices at Cicis are the same. However, some of their restaurants may offer promotions like Happy Hour which gives you a discount on the buffet price if you dine at certain hours of the day.

Does Cicis Have a Time Limit for Their Buffet?

Based on my experience, I’ve not been told about a time limit for eating at Cici’s. I have heard (or read) of stories online where customers were asked to leave for eating too much or for spending more than 2 hours at the restaurant. Perhaps this is up to the store manager’s discretion. For me personally, as long as you don’t “abuse the restaurant” you shouldn’t encounter any hiccup in trying to get your $9 worth at Cicis.

Cicis Pizza Buffet Reviews

Here are some feedback from actual Cicis customers to help you gauge whether dining at this AYCE buffet restaurant is worth a try:

Renovated Cicis pizza restaurant


It’s where you go when you have multiple kids and no one can decide on where to go eat. The pizza is mediocre at best but the desserts are good and it’s super cheap and a lot of food for the family to eat. I personally love it because of the memories I have there with my family. If you want quality pizza look elsewhere.


I used to eat there all the time in college, can’t anymore due to health and age but that mac and cheese pizza was the best.


Amazing price! Filling meal! Great selection of pizza!

Came here the day after Hurricane Ian. Was obviously packed, but I thought it was pretty efficient for the most part. The price is unreal, and the Mac & Cheese and Buffalo Chicken pizzas are great. All the pizzas and pastas are really good. The arcade is pretty good too!


It was a great place to go as a kid after baseball games, especially when the whole team would go. Cheap for the parents and unlimited food for us.


I love cicis pizza and idc what anyone says. Sure it’s cheap and a little “ghetto” (as some might call it) but i don’t care. For 6.99, i get unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, drinks and dessert? And their food is good too! That spinach Alfredo pizza is killer!

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