How Much is Cicis During Lunch Hours?

5 minute read | Published: April 01, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Cicis has been our family’s favorite buffet spot for years. I don’t have to worry about the food choices because everything is there. Pizzabilities is real!  You have 4 crust options, 7 kinds of sauces, and 16 variety of pizza toppings. Imagine what you can do to mix-and-match to create your perfect pizza.

Hawaiian pizza and fresh salad are my faves. My husband and kids are all-out pepperoni and cheese fans. But we’re all fans of their fudge brownies and cinnamon rolls too.

cinnamon rolls

Just recently, I invited some friends over for lunch at Cicis. We brought our kids too and after enjoying a big meal, the kids had fun at the game room while we chatted over dessert. 

Now if you’re wondering, how much is Cicis during lunch hours, actually there is no price difference between the lunch and dinner buffet rates at this restaurant. It’s the same price throughout the day. There is however a price different between locations. Let me go ahead and list the buffet prices for each state so you can find the information you’re looking for.

Cicis Buffet Lunch Prices


In Alabama, Adult Buffet pricing is at $8.99, except for Foley’s which is priced at $9.99. Drink prices also vary with an average of $2.59 for large fountain drinks to $2.09 for regular fountain drinks.


Fayetteville has an adult buffet pricing of $8.49 while the rest offers an Adult buffet pricing of $8.99. Large fountain drinks at Arkansas locations are in the $2.79 range and regular fountain drinks at $2.29.


Cici’s in Aurora, Colorado costs $9.59, while in Lakewood, it is set at $9.99. Drinks at Colorado for large fountain drinks are $2.99 and $2.49 for regular fountain drinks.


Cici’s in Cape Coral, Clearwater, Davenports and Naples costs $9.99. Deerfield Beach is the cheapest Cici’s in Florida which only cost $8.49.

Irlo and Orlando’s price is $10.99 which is above the usual price while the remaining locations around Florida costs $8.99. Drinks in these areas are around $ 2.79.


Georgia Cici’s costs $8.99 except for Augusta which is $9.49 and the cheapest among all Cici’s locations can be found in Roswell which is just $7.99. Georgia drinks are at an average price of $3.


Cici’s in Illinois costs $8.99 as well as in Indiana and Kansas. Drinks starts at $2.39.


Bowling Green costs $8.79 while Florence at $10.99. Average drink prices in Kentucky is $2.49.


Baton Rouge, Metairie and Slidell costs $8.49 and Lafayette, Lake Charles and Shreveport have an adult price of $8.99. Drinks are at $2.79.


Frederick and Hagerstown is a little over the average price of $9.99. Drinks are $2.99 at most.


Flowood is at $8.99 and Southaven at $8.79. You can expect a price of $2.69 for drinks at Mississippi.


Missouri costs $8.99, except for Farmington which is $8.49 and drinks cost $2.79.

New Mexico

Albuquerque costs $9.49 and Drinks are at $ 2.79.

North Carolina

North Carolina all has an adult pricing of $8.99, except for Greensboro at $8.49.


Cincinnati and Fairfield Cici’s are at $10.99. Drinks in Ohio are $2.99 and $2.49.


Oklahoma are at $8.99. You can expect a price of $2.99 for drinks at Oklahoma.


Lancaster is priced at $9.99. Drinks are $3.79 and $2.99.

South Carolina

Cici’s in South Carolina costs a little below the average pricing which is $8.49. Expect to pay around $2.69 for drinks at South Carolina locations.


Tennessee’s is priced from $8.49 to $10.99. Drink starts at $2.09.


Texas has the largest Cici’s chains priced from $8.49 to $10.99 and drinks are from $$1.79 to $3.79.

You may find more information here.

Cicis Pizza To-Go Prices

If you want to order some of your Cicis favorites but are too busy to dine in-store, you can order food for delivery or pickup.

cicis carry out

For the budget-conscious diners, I recommend the Value Packs. At $29.99 for 5-6 pax, Value Pack 1 and 2 offer a giant 1-topping pizza and a cinnamon roll or pepperoni poppers. If you’re into pizza and chicken wings, Value Packs 3-5 are the perfect choice because they still have their giant pizza plus the chicken wings and the dessert.  Another tip for wise spender diners is to check the deals here

For Pizza fanatics, you can just enjoy the world famous classic pizza at Cicis. Hawaiian, Mac & Cheese and Supreme are on top of my list. Prices vary depending on the crust of your choice. If you get the original, then, there is no additional charge. But a deep dish crust charges you $11.99 while a stuffed crust makes costs an additional $13.99.

For calorie-conscious and health-minded diners, Cicis got you covered. You can check their pizza menu and explore the calorie content, nutrition facts, and even allergen considerations when you order your meal. It’s so transparent and easy!

Drinks slightly differ in prices too. Large Fountain drink is $2.99 while the Regular Fountain Drink is $2.69. Go for the Large Fountain! By the way, you can have options to go for Coke or Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper or Diet Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer, Lemonade, Powerade, Sprite, Sweet Tea or Unsweet Tea. Just choose the perfect pair for your pizza! Other Cicis outlet vary in prices.

cicis drinks prices

Should You Go to Cicis for Lunch?

Yes, yes yes! Cicis gives you great value for your money and your satisfaction. Plus, it’s a good place for families because they have a nice game room for kids to play. While parents enjoy their meals and chats with family and friends, it’s just reassuring that Cicis thought it well for families to be in one, safe place for lunch.

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