What is the Price of Cicis Pizza for Dinner?

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Cicis is a good option for families and friends because of its family-friendly atmosphere, good food and budget-friendly prices between lunch and dinner.

I like going to Cicis for dinner especially when I am all out of ideas on what to cook for dinner. Or if I had an extraordinarily busy and tiring day and would rather not stress myself out even more by cooking dinner, I take my family to Cicis instead.

I mean, I spend no more than $40 for all 4 of us at our local Cicis. I think the price is very reasonable – cheap even – for what you get. I especially like their classic chicken pizza and pepperoni flatbed pizza. My kids, on the other hand, love the Mac and Cheese pizza.

How Much is Cicis Pizza for Dinner?

Cicis adult prices depends on each location. Here is the updated prices along with the prices of drinks. The kids prices usually range from $4.99 to $7.99.


In Alabama, all 13 locations have an Adult Buffet pricing of $8.99, except for Foley’s which is priced at $9.99. Drink prices also vary with an average of $2.59 for large fountain drinks to $2.09 for regular fountain drinks.


Arkansas has 6 locations. Fayetteville has an adult buffet pricing of $8.49 while the rest offers an Adult buffet pricing of $8.99. Large fountain drinks at Arkansas locations are in the $2.79 range and regular fountain drinks at $2.29.


There are 2 locations of Cici’s in Colorado as of the moment and both have different pricing. Cici’s in Aurora, Colorado costs $9.59, while in Lakewood, it is set at $9.99. Drinks at Colorado for large fountain drinks are $2.99 and $2.49 for regular fountain drinks.


Next to Texas, Florida has the largest chain of Cici’s buffet outlets with 24 branches.

Cici’s in Cape Coral, Clearwater, Davenports and Naples costs $9.99. Deerfield Beach is the cheapest Cici’s in Florida which only cost $8.49.

Irlo and Orlando’s price is $10.99 while the remaining locations around Florida costs $8.99. Drinks in these areas are around $ 2.79.


All 11 locations of Cici’s in Georgia costs $8.99 except for Augusta which is $9.49 and the cheapest among all Cici’s locations can be found in Roswell which is just $7.99. Georgia drinks are at an average price of $3.


Currently, Cici’s in Illinois costs $8.99 as well as in Indiana and Kansas. Drinks starts at $2.39.


Outlets in Kentucky have different pricing. Bowling Green costs $8.79 while Florence at $10.99. Average drink prices in Kentucky is $2.49.


In Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Metairie and Slidell costs $8.49 and Lafayette, Lake Charles and the two locations in Shreveport have an adult price of $8.99. Drinks are at $2.79.


The two locations in Maryland, Frederick and Hagerstown is a little over the average price of $9.99. Drinks are $2.99 at most.


Cici’s in Mississippi Flowood is at $8.99 and Southaven at $8.79. You can expect a price of $2.69 for drinks at Mississippi.


All outlets in Missouri costs $8.99, except for Farmington which is $8.49 and drinks cost $2.79.

New Mexico

The only Cici’s outlet in New Mexico is in Albuquerque which costs $9.49. Drinks are at $ 2.79.

North Carolina

You can find 10 Cici’s Pizza locations in North Carolina which all has an adult pricing of $8.99, except for Greensboro at $8.49.


In Ohio, both Cincinnati and Fairfield Cici’s are at $10.99. Drinks in Ohio are $2.99 and $2.49.


Oklahoma branches are at $8.99. You can expect a price of $2.99 for drinks at Oklahoma.


The only Cici’s in Pennsylvania is in Lancaster which is priced at $9.99. Drinks are $3.79 and $2.99.

South Carolina

South Carolina Cici’s costs a little below the average pricing which is $8.49. Expect to pay around $2.69 for drinks at South Carolina locations.


Tennessee’s pricing is from $8.49 to $10.99. Drink starts at $2.09.


Last but definitely not the least, Texas has the largest Cici’s chains of 133 locations, priced from $8.49 to $10.99 and drinks are from $$1.79 to $3.79.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Dinner Buffet at Cicis

Bring your appetite

Cicis is a buffet so better if you come hungry and eat a large quantity of food.

Try something different

The signature pizzas at Cicis are Mac and Cheese, Ultimate Pepperoni, and classic Cheese pizza so you probably have tried those but Cicis have more options to choose from which you should try. Better yet, try something different with each visit.

Family eating at a pizza buffet

Keep expectations low

Remember, Cicis is a cheap all you can eat buffet so don’t expect five star service or high quality ingredients. Some days your favorite pizza may be out of stock, or the cinnamon rolls aren’t soft enough, or the diners at the table next to you are so loud. These things happen in a budget-friendly restaurant.

Try the Chicken Wings

I once confidently asked the attendant where the chicken wings are as I was looking forward to trying them out, only to find out I have to pay separately for it. But hey, if you love wings, then spending $5.99 extra might be worth it.

Be Patient

Bring a lot of patience especially if you’re going to Cicis at rush hours like lunch and dinner time.

Should I Go to Cicis Pizza for Dinner?

For me personally, I like to go to Cicis when the doors open at 11AM as there are fewer people and food is guaranteed fresh at this time. However, dinner at Cicis is also not a bad idea. Just be sure to arrive early so you’ll be able to secure a table.

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