Any Family Packages for the Cicis?

5 minute read | Published: April 1, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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When it comes to value deals, Cicis Pizza can’t be beat. If you’re looking for family packages for Cicis, there are quite a few choices. I’ll share the details of each option in this post.

Cicis Value Packs

These “value packs” are great for get-togethers, business meetings, parties and family dinners. You can order these items for pick up or delivery at Cicis.

cicis value packages


Turn any gathering into a celebration with Cicis’ crowd-pleasing favorites. Opt for one of these two choices:

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas paired with Cinnamon Rolls (20 pieces)

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas accompanied by Garlic Cheesy Bread (16 slices)

Ideal for groups of 6-8


Why settle for just one when you can have it all? Enjoy the best of both worlds with these three options:

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas combined with Pepperoni Poppers (12 count)

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas along with Jalapeno Poppers (12 counts)

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas served with Buffalo Chicken Poppers (12 Count)

Perfect for sharing among 6-8 friends or family members.

VALUE PACK #3 – WINGS $38.99

Indulge in the ultimate combination of pizza and chicken wings. Take your pick from these two choices:

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas paired with Bone-In Wings (10 Count)

2 Giant 1-Topping Pizzas matched with Boneless Wings (10 count)

Ideal for groups of 6-8 craving a savory feast.


Experience a flavor extravaganza with cheesy pizza, spicy wings, and decadent brownies. Choose from these two options:

1 Large 2-Topping Pizza accompanied by Bone-In Wings (6 count) and Brownies (6 pieces)

1 Large 2-Topping Pizza served with Boneless Wings (6 count) and Brownies (6 pieces)

Perfect for smaller groups of 2-6 looking for a satisfying meal.


Double the delight with extra pizza, wings, and dessert. Take your pick from these two options:

2 Large 2-Topping Pizzas accompanied by Bone-In Wings (12 count) and Brownies (12 pieces)

2 Large 2-Topping Pizzas served with Boneless Wings (12 count) and Brownies (12 pieces)

Ideal for groups of 2-6 seeking a generous spread of flavors.

The Latest Deals at Cicis Pizza

Cicis’ Piezilla is back and is available for pickup only. With 64 slices, this 28-inch monster pizza is sure to satisfy even the largest appetites. Priced at just $49.99, it’s an unbeatable value. Featuring real cheese, your choice of 3 toppings, and the signature traditional garlic butter crust that Cicis is renowned for, the Piezilla is perfect for any gathering or celebration. It’s a practical option for a party, game night, or family dinner and delivers big on flavor and value.

cicis piezilla

Celebrate Special Occasions at Cicis Pizza

In my opinion, the best deal you can get at Cicis is to enjoy their buffet. For only $9 to $10 for adults and $5 to $6 for kids, you can enjoy all quality of food you can eat, from pizzas, pastas, soup, salads and desserts. So if you’re a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 kids, you’ll only pay around $30+ for the food and around $10 for your drinks. Spending $40 on a buffet that feeds 4 people is a great deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Cicis pizza family packages

Here are some family occasions that would be suitable for celebrating at Cicis Pizza:


If you’re planning a simple birthday celebration and you want something that’ll make everyone happy without breaking the bank, Cicis all-you-can-eat buffet might just fit the bill. It’s perfect because everyone can pick what they like, and you won’t have to worry about anyone leaving hungry.

Family reunions

With all your family members coming together, you’ll need a place that offers something for everyone. Cicis buffet-style dining means there’s a little something to suit everyone’s preferences. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?


Cicis Pizza is a fun and affordable spot to celebrate graduations with our signature dishes especially for kids and teens. You can invite their friends too who are most likely pizza fans as well.

Family movie nights

On weekends, instead of preparing food at home why not head to Cicis to enjoy some pasta, pizza and desserts? Afterwards, you can head home to watch a fun movie together. It’s a simple but super enjoyable way to spend time with your family.

Celebrating My Birthday at Cicis

Last year, I took my whole family to Cicis here in San Antonio, TX. There were 12 of us in all, 8 adults and 4 kids. It was Friday night so the place was packed. Fortunately we were able to secure 3 tables right next to each other. It was a great night filled with lots of conversation and laughter. Not to mention, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the quality of food.

Paid about $150 which I think was more than reasonable. I could have easily spent $300 if we went to a family restaurant across the street. We all went home happy and completely satisfied with our dinner. It was a good birthday celebration.

Final Thoughts

Cicis Pizza is a popular choice for anyone who enjoys good food at a good price. It’s a great venue for families and friends to get together. And for those who prefer to enjoy a meal at the comfort of their own home, Cicis also has family packages that will fit any budget.

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