What is the Quality at Cicis?

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If there’s a dish that everyone seems to have an opinion about, it’s pizza. And in the US, one of the most popular pizza chains out there is Cicis. Its popularity has mostly to do with its price point. After all, with their $9 to $10 all-you-can-eat buffet, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people flock to their restaurants every single day.

But what about the quality at Cicis? Are their pizzas and other buffet offerings worth the price?

Why is Cicis Pizza So Cheap?

Before you go to your local Cicis, it’s worth knowing that cheap pizza comes at a cost – quality. The buffet at Cicis is cheap mainly because its ingredients are nothing like what you’d find at say, Little Caesars or Papa John’s. Some of its ingredients including cheese are not all-natural and may have added colors and flavors.

Another reason why Cicis can afford to keep its costs low is that all the buffet items it offers are filling – pizza, pasta, salad and baked goods. These items can make you full quicker than the typical buffet so customers don’t need to eat more. Moreover, serving pizza in a buffet style also helps reduce food waste. Cicis also offer variety of services.

Is Cicis Worth Your Money?

I enjoy eating at buffets a lot and in my book, Cicis excels at giving great value for your money. Does it serve the best pizzas in town? Far from it. IMO, that honor goes to Il Forno which is known for its Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas.

wood fired pizza

However, unless I’m willing to spend $50 on a single meal, I’m happy to settle with a few slices of pizza, some pasta and chicken noodle soup at Cicis Pizza. For just $9 per person, I can’t complain.

What Customers Say About the Quality at Cicis Pizza

Here are some customer reviews I found online that focus on the quality of the food offerings at Cicis:


Bullard, Texas

For what it is, CiCi’s does it very well.

Ok, best pizza I have ever had? Absolutely not. Great place to take children on a budget? This restaurant is perfect.

Those over 12 are charged $5.99 for an all you can eat pizza and salad buffet and an additional $2 for unlimited soft drinks. The buffet offers for family, all types of lunch/dinner and desert pizzas but if you don’t happen to find the one you like, you may order your own personal pizza as part of the buffet.

I will say that I have been to several CiCi’s over the years, this location does a very good job in keeping a good selection on the buffet and provide a quality product. Their apple desert pizza was excellent and piping hot.


Wylie, Texas

Great Pizza For The Price

Like most chain restaurants, some are good, some are so-so, and too often some are down right terrible. This particular CiCi’s Pizza is really good. For around $5.50 (without drink) you get all the pizza, salad, pasta, and dessert you can eat. I’ve eaten at quite a few CiCi’s and this location is one of the best. It does a booming business (especially on weekends) so the large and variety of pizzas that they put out on the buffet are always fresh. If you don’t see what you like, you can special order any pizza with any number of toppings and they will bring it to you table. Really nice!

My main complaint with CiCi’s has always been with their salad. They use bagged mixed salad in place of fresh cut, which means that sometimes you get a salad that is ok and other times is pretty bad. But for the price, I guess you can’t have everything that you want.

They have expanded their salad bar with many more toppings which is really a nice improvement. Their pasta is rather bland, but I’m not into pasta that much, so I really can care less. They have about four different desserts which are not bad.

They use to make a Bavarian cream dessert where the cream was poured over the dough, but it was discontinued some years back (much to my dismay). CiCi’s Pizza is family friendly, probably due to the price, and also caters to after game sports teams, birthday parties, and the like. Taking everything into consideration, this particular CiCi’s location is hard to beat!


Pizza buffet, clean restaurant, amusements for kids

This is a buffet style restaurant for pizza lovers. If like me your stumped for choice if you dislike pizza as the alternative is pasta and tomato sauce with garlic bread, or salad. It was still tasty though but could do with an extra pasta option.

There are a number of varieties of pizza options plus pizza style desserts. Its around $10.99pp there is a kids price also. It has baby seating available. It has amusements for the kids plus a huge shop of sweets next door.


United Kingdom

Great value for money

Having heard good things about this restaurant my girlfriend and I decided to try it out on a day we fancied a pizza. We are really glad we did, as a youth I always went to Chucky Cheese (which is next door) but the value for money Cici’s offers is amazing.

$9.99 for an all you can eat buffet of starters, pizza and deserts with free drink refills is amazing value for money especially as the pizza was not bad at all. I have had far worse in much more prestigious restaurants and so pound for pound this is a great venue if you fancy something quick easy and cheap to eat at the end of a long day.

Alfredo cheese pizza

Final Thoughts on the Food Quality at Cici’s

The quality of food Cici’s is decent. For $9 to $10, you get a variety of pizza, pasta, salad and dessert options enough to ensure you get a filling and satisfying meal. As long as you understand that Cicis is not a high end pizza joint, you will have a good time dining at their buffet restaurants.

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