Cicis Buffet Price for Carry-Out?

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Unlike Golden Corral’s AYCE buffet which gives you the option to order food by the pound, Cicis carry out menu is ala carte. This means each item will have individual prices. The carry out menu has most of their buffet favorites like custom and specialty pizzas, pasta, chicken wings, value packs, sides, desserts and including drink price. The Piezilla is also available for pickup.

If you want to know the Cicis buffet price for carry out, I’ll provide the menu with prices shortly.

Cicis Buffet and Carry Out Menu

Create Your Own Pizza ($9.99 to $12.99)

Pan-baked crust topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

The Medium and Large sizes will have 10 slices

Giant, Deep Dish, Flatbread, and Stuffed Crust have 12 slices

You get one free topping and sauce. Additional toppings and cheese will cost extra.

Specialty Pizzas ($8.99 to $15.99)

Mac & Cheese, Alfredo, Zesty Pepperoni, Spinach Alfredo, Meat Eater, Supreme, Hawaiian, Buffalo Chicken, Ultimate Pepperoni, Zesty Ham & Cheddar, BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Bacon Club, Veggie, Zesty Veggie, Classic Chicken

Piezilla®  $49.99

Cicis’ colossal pizza creation is 64 slices and can feed 15 people. This beast features Cicis traditional crust and topped with tomato sauce and real cheese.

Cicis pizza family packages

Please note that Piezilla® is not available for delivery orders. This monster of a pizza comes in a box size of 30 inches, so make sure you have a flat and open space of at least 32 inches to accommodate it.

You can also customize your Piezilla®, such as ordering it as a half & half topping pizza with red sauce only or adding more than three toppings.

Value Packs

Value Pack #1- Classic $29.99

Includes two Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Cinnamon Rolls (20 count) OR Garlic Cheesy Bread (16 slices).

Value Pack #2- Poppers $29.99

Includes two Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Pepperoni Poppers, Jalapeno Poppers, OR Buffalo Chicken Poppers (12 count).

Value Pack #3- Wings $38.99

Includes two Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Bone-in OR Boneless Wings (10 count).

Value Pack #4- Brownies + Wings $20.99

Includes one Large 2-topping pizza with Guest Choice of Boneless or Bone-In wings (6 count) and Brownies (6 count).

Value Pack #5- Double Brownies + Wings $39.99

Includes two Large 2-topping pizzas with Boneless or Bone-In wings (12 count) and Brownies (12 count).


Garlic Cheesy Bread (16 count) $6.99

Mike’s Hot Honey Sauce  (2 oz) $1.99

Dipping Sauce (2 oz) $1.00

Pepperoni Poppers (12 count) $5.99

Buffalo Chicken Poppers (12 count) $5.99

Jalapeno Poppers (12 count) $5.99


Oreo Brownie Pizza  (12 inches) $6.99

Cinnamon Rolls (20 count) $6.99

Fudge Brownies (24 count) $6.99

Apple Dessert Pizza (14 count) $6.99

cicis cinnamon rolls


Large Fountain Drink $2.69

Regular Fountain Drink $2.19

The options include (may vary based on location)

  • Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Rootbeer
  • Lemonade
  • Powerade
  • Sprite
  • Sweet Tea
  • Unsweet Tea

When Cicis Carry Out Makes a Lot of Sense

When you can’t bring the office to Cicis, bring Cicis to the office.

With Cicis carry out, you can treat your team to delicious pizza and sides right in the workplace, perfect for meetings, corporate events, or casual lunches.

Planning a birthday bash? Make it extra special with a Cicis Pizza Party.

Choose from a variety of pizza flavors and toppings to cater to everyone’s taste buds and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Host a game night with your buddies and spice it up with Cicis.

Order a variety of pizzas to fuel your gaming sessions and keep everyone satisfied with Cicis Pizza flavorful options, ensuring a fun and delicious night for all.

Family eating at a pizza buffet

Plan a movie night with the family and make it a complete experience with Cicis delivery.

Enjoy the convenience of having delicious pizza and sides delivered straight to your door to enhance your movie-watching experience with family.

Feeling too cozy to cook on a rainy day? Let Cicis take care of dinner.

Order from Cicis’ menu of favorites and indulge in comforting pizza and sides without having to leave the comfort of your home.

How to Order Cicis Carry Out

There are two ways you can order Cicis take out. One option is to order it online, on their website. You just need to locate the Cicis restaurant near you, choose the time and date you want to pick up your order, and then choose from their menu. Then you pick up your order at the designated time.

The second option is to go to your Cicis and place your order at the counter. Then just wait at the sitting area until your order is packed and ready to go.

If you prefer to have food delivered to your doorstep, you can order Cicis through GrubHub, UberEats or DoorDash.

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